11 Tips for Selling Your House in As-Is Condition

America’s houses are selling like hotcakes! Nearly 700,000 homes were sold in May 2022 for a medium price of $449,000. 

Take advantage of current trends and sell your home right now. Yet you shouldn’t put your home on the market just yet. If you want to sell a home in as-is condition, you need to take some steps to seal the deal with a potential buyer.

What do you need to do to sell your home? How can you encourage people to buy your property? How can you advertise your property? 

Answer these questions and you can sell your home for a lot of cash in no time. Here are 11 tips for selling your as-is home. 

1. Order a Home Inspection

Selling your home is nearly impossible if your home isn’t safe. You should ask a home inspector to evaluate your property, including underground systems like your plumbing and septic tank.

You should ask for a list of things you must repair before you start selling your house. You need to remove lead paint and other features that pose a health risk.

2. Get Estimates for Repairs

You can make touch-ups that are not essential but improve the value of your house. You can install new flooring or put new paint on the walls. 

Yet you should get estimates for how much these repairs will cost. If the cost of the repairs exceeds the money you would make through a sale, you should not make the repairs.

3. Make a Few Fixes

At a minimum, you should clean your house to make it more presentable. If you have holes in your walls or broken pieces of furniture, you should repair them. Walk through your house and see what little things you can do to increase the value of the property.

4. Promote the Curb Appeal

Your curb appeal relates to how potential homebuyers view your property from the street. People want homes that look good, so think about how you can improve the appearance of your home. 

You can add a new coat of paint to the exterior, or you can plant flowers and trees in your front yard. Ask a neighbor how they view your property and get some ideas on steps you can take. 

5. Be Realistic

Selling your house as-is means you will earn less money than selling your home with full renovations. You need to find a price that will encourage someone to buy your house. 

You also have to keep in mind that it may take weeks to find someone willing to buy your home. Be prepared to wait, and prepare to move out so you don’t waste time after you make a sale. 

6. Be Honest

Under the Residential Property Disclosure Act, you must give a buyer of a home in as-is condition a disclosure statement. The statement must include details about all defects in the home, including small details. 

You can give potential buyers a tour so they get their own impression of your property. Point out the features you like and the features that need improvement so you don’t have legal problems.

7. Get Advice 

It can be hard to sell any type of home. You should talk to a realtor about the steps you need to take and how you can market your property. Get a figure you can sell your home for and learn about any people who may be interested in buying a home in your neighborhood. 

8. Promote Your Home

Once you get advice and make improvements, you can start promoting your home. You can go online and post about your property on Craigslist, social media platforms, and other websites. 

Take photographs of your property so people who cannot visit have a good impression of what your home is like. Make sure you have images of the interior and exterior. Write descriptions of what needs improvements. 

9. Consider Alternative Buyers

You can try selling your house for a few weeks. But after some time, you can think about other ways to get your property out of your hands. 

Some people specialize in buying homes in as-is condition. They can tear the homes down and sell the land, or they can make renovations and flip the homes.

Consider working with one of these professionals who can give you cash for your home after an inspection. Read about the process of getting cash for your home so you know what to expect.

10. Move Out Quickly

Once you have signed a contract to sell your home, you should vacate as soon as possible. It is okay to take one or two weeks to move out, but don’t overstay. Call a moving company and get your items shipped to your new home as soon as possible.

You can leave items behind like furniture and appliances. These items can be expensive to move, and they can break inside the moving van.  

11. Provide an Incentive to Close

You should do anything you can to encourage someone to buy and move into your house. Giving a gift to your buyer is one thing you can do. You can buy them dinner, let them take a piece of furniture, or pay for landscaping. 

Sell Your Home in As-Is Condition

If you want to sell your home in as-is condition, you need to be diligent. You must have a home inspection so you know what needs work. You need to be honest with interested homebuyers about repairs, and you must adjust your expectations. 

You also need to take steps to fix your home. Fix anything that needs obvious work, including the exterior of your property. Promote your property online with photographs and written descriptions. 

When you’re struggling, you can sell your home quickly. WeBuyHouses.com serves the Nashville area. Contact us today.