How to Sell My House Without a Realtor

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Are you looking for ways to sell your home without having to forfeit a chunk of your sale to an agent? Do you wish there were another way to sell your home outside of hiring a realtor? Oftentimes, people wonder to themselves “Is there a way to sell my house without a real estate agent?”

The answer is yes, and here’s the best part: eliminating them from the situation can speed up the sales process. All it takes is finding the right path for doing so.

See below for an in-depth guide on how you can get a fair house price and sell the home faster without an agent.

1. Find a Reputable Cash Home Buyer

There are a good amount of Nashville homeowners out there that believe they only have two options when trying to sell a house: either hire an agent or do a for sale by owner. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Both of these processes can take a long time. Statistics show that a home sale can take up to 70 days, which might be too long for some of you. Perhaps you’re moving out of state for a job and need to sell your home quickly. Maybe you’ve inherited a house of your will.

Whatever the case might be, you need a streamlined option for selling homes quickly. That’s where a cash home buyer can help you out! A cash home buyer, for those of you unfamiliar, is a company or agency that will purchase your home as-is and give you cash-in-hand.

Their goal is to purchase any home as it is, fix it up, then sell it for a small profit. That gives homeowners that are looking to sell quickly (like you) a chance to get a fair cash offer for their home.

If you’re interested in the cash home buyer route, be sure to find one that has positive client reviews, experience, and excellent customer support.

2. Reach Out to the Cash Home Buyer

Once you’ve found a trusted cash home buyer, you should take the time to learn about their process. The idea is to find one that’s as quick and efficient as possible. In the end, all you need is a fair offer for your home.

Here at We Buy Houses, we’ve developed a proven method for getting you an offer as quickly as possible. All of that starts with you initially reaching out to us via phone or on our website.

Just complete the contact form on our site. This isn’t anything too elaborate, it just asks for standard information such as your first and last name, the best method of contact, and a bit of information on the property you wish to sell. There are a few questions on our online form that will give us a better understanding of your situation.

Our goal is to reach out to you within a few minutes of you submitting your application. That way, we can learn even more about the property and your goals for the sale.

3. Set Up an In-House Appointment

As is standard when you wish to sell your home, you’ll need to schedule a time for the cash home buyer to swing by the property for a walkthrough. If a cash buyer tells you they’ll purchase it without a walkthrough, you should cross them off your list.

We prioritize the walkthrough for two reasons. First, seeing the property in person and assessing it for ourselves allows us to make you an accurate and fair cash offer. Second, it gives us the chance to connect with you and learn more about your goals for the sale, which will affect the cash offer as well.

We’ll give you a thorough explanation of the potential we see in your neighborhood, as well as the current housing market. All of this can help you in your decision once we make you an offer. Our goal is to schedule the walkthrough during your next free day.

4. Consider Your Cash Offer

After we’ve scheduled the walkthrough and toured it for ourselves, we promise to make a fair cash offer for your house within 24-hours following the meeting.

The great part about the cash offer is that it offers no obligation. You can either accept or move on from it at any time, allowing you full freedom when making this decision. We’re confident that you’ll find the offer to be beneficial to both sides. 

Of course, if you and your family have any other questions, we’re happy to help throughout this decision-making process.

5. Avoid Hefty Costs

The cash offer that we hand you is the exact amount of cash you’ll receive when you sell your home to us. There are no hidden fees or commissions on the sale.

This allows you to walk away with cash towards your next venture. Selling to a cash home buyer will help you prevent hefty costs such as paying for renovations and repairs before listing the home, commissions for your realtor, and so much more.

Once you accept our cash offer, we’ll get right to work on finalizing the sale. Our network and resources can help you close quickly, giving you the cash all the faster.

How to Sell My House Without a Realtor: Use We Buy Houses

Now that you have seen an in-depth answer to your question of “How can I sell my house without a realtor?”, be sure to use this information to your benefit.

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