Why Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home? A Complete Guide

why use a realtor

Are you trying to sell your home quickly this year? You don’t have to handle the process alone. Instead, consider using a realtor when selling your home.

On the fence? Why use a realtor? Here are seven advantages to consider before making your choice.

There are now over two million NAR REALTORS® and real estate agents in the US. Hiring an experienced, licensed realtor could save you time and stress. It could boost your asking price, too.

Speeding up the process also means you can start enjoying your new home, sweet home without delays. 

That’s only the start. Read on to discover the benefits of using a realtor to sell your home today.  

1. The Guarantee

First, it helps to understand that there’s a difference between realtors and real estate agents.

Only real estate agents who are members of the National Association of Realtors are considered licensed realtors. You’ll know you’ve found a realtor if they use the “Realtor” logo in their marketing materials. You’ll likely find this logo on their website, too.

Professionals who are licensed realtors follow a strict code of ethics. They’ve completed additional education and training programs, too.

Hiring a professional, licensed realtor means you can leverage their training and hands-on experience.

These professionals utilize their training to offer a higher standard of service. They’re committed to remaining ethical and honest every step of the way. Hiring a licensed professional will give you peace of mind.

You’ll have guaranteed access to their experience and expertise before you begin the process of selling your home.

These professionals will have a plan in place that can help you streamline the entire process. 

2. Smart, Strategic Pricing

Why use a realtor to sell your home? Remember, their experience and expertise could benefit you in the long run. 

Don’t rush to list your property on your own. If you price too high, potential buyers will scroll right by your listing. If you price too low, you could leave money on the table.

Instead, look for an experienced, licensed realtor. One of the best realtor advantages you’ll experience is strategic pricing.

Look for a realtor who understands the local market. They’ll study recent trends and consider homes that are similar to yours. The information they gather will allow you to develop a smarter pricing strategy.

You might struggle to gather this information on your own. Without this data, you might make a mistake when calculating your asking price.

Instead, you can determine an asking price that won’t scare away potential buyers. At the same time, you can avoid pricing too low. 

Your realtor might even suggest you make a few repairs and changes. You can improve your home’s value while attracting more buyers.

You might even receive more for your home than you initially expected to!

3. Speed Up the Process

In 2020, the average homebuyer spent about eight weeks looking at properties before making a purchase. If you don’t want to wait that long, consider the advantages of using a realtor. Relying on their experience and expertise could speed up the entire process. 

Look for a realtor with years of hands-on experience selling properties in the area. These realtors will already know what buyers want. They can develop an effective marketing strategy to attract buyers to your home.

You won’t have to wait to move into your new property for long. Instead, you can streamline the entire process.

Their experience and expertise will allow you to sell without delays. 

You can also speed up the process by selling your home to a company that offers fair prices for houses in Nashville. You can learn more here to get started.

4. Effective Marketing Strategies

Remember, you’ll need an effective marketing strategy if you want to sell your home quickly. In a competitive market, you need a way to stand out. If you’re asking yourself “why use a realtor,” consider your marketing strategy.

If you don’t have one, your realtor can help.

First, they’ll look at properties that are similar to yours. They’ll determine what helped similar properties in the area sell. This information can enhance your marketing strategy.

They can also use a combination of traditional and digital marketing strategies to help you reach potential buyers.

For example, you can use social media marketing or pay-per-click advertising to attract customers online. You can also entice buyers by professional staging your home. Taking professional, high-quality photos can help you draw buyers, too.

Your realtor can also list your property on the MLS to help you schedule more opening houses and showings.

Throughout the entire process, your realtor will act as a buffer between you and buyers. You won’t have to waste time vetting everyone who voices an interest.

Instead, you can focus your time and attention on more important matters. 

5. Receive Better Offers

Developing a strong marketing strategy can also help you receive better offers.

Look for a realtor who has a strong professional network. They can utilize their network to increase buyer interest. You can even show your home to a crowd of agent-only buyers.

The exclusivity could help you receive better offers. 

6. Help Negotiating

Trying to handle negotiations on your own can become time-consuming and stressful. Instead, consider the advantages of using a realtor for a home sale. They can work with the buyer’s agent and handle these negotiations for you.

Meanwhile, your realtor will have your best interests in mind. They’ll make sure to negotiate while considering your goals.

Then, you can consult your realtor to make more informed decisions. For example, you can negotiate counteroffers to ensure you don’t leave money on the table. 

7. Stress-Free, Simplified Solutions

Selling your home alone can feel stressful. You might make the mistake of making emotionally driven choices, too. Before that can happen, consult a realtor.

They’ll help you make smarter, more informed decisions. They’ll also know to keep an eye out for loopholes or strange requests.

They’ll have your best interests in mind every step of the way. 

Why Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home?: 7 Reasons to Call for Help

To recap, why use a realtor to sell your home? A realtor can help you simplify the process. With their help, you can avoid stress without leaving money on the table. 

Want to streamline the entire process when selling your home? We can help.

Contact us today to get a cash offer for your home instead.